Tapio Kaisla | Kilpailumenestys


2017 – Nordic Nature Photo Contest (Norja) – Vuoden lähikuva – Toinen sija – linkki

2016 – Wildlife Photographer of the Year (UK) – Special award: People’s Choice, finalisti – linkki

2016 – Glanzlichter International Competition of Nature Photography (Saksa) – Nisäkässarja, Top 15

2015 – Oasis Photo Contest, Competition of Nature Photography (Italia) – Nisäkässarja, kunniamaininta – linkki

2015 – Outdoor Photographer Of The Year (UK) – Kaksi kuvaa Portfolio One -kirjaan – linkki

2014 – Vuoden Luontokuva – Maisemasarja, sarjavoitto – linkki


   ”Tapio Kaisla has pictured an Osprey at a fish pond in Finland. And what a shot! We rarely see such close-ups of Ospreys on the hunt. The shot is extremely sharp and we can see all the details – and the drops of water glancing off claws and victim. The head of the fish points to the flight direction in order to reduce the aerodynamic drag. A brilliant and very different close-up photo! – NNPC jury-


”I took a trip to Dovrefjell–Sunndalsfjell National Park, Norway, to find these magnificent oxen amid their natural habitat. Even though spring is not rutting season for these animals, they were already seriously testing their strength against each other and the air rang out with the loud bang of the head-on collision between these two beasts.”


”Red Alpine Bearberry and green Crowberry are forming a perfect complementary color pattern up in the North of Sweden, Abisko National Park.”



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